Top Real Estate Visualizations of the Week - Oct 23

Our weekly favorite data visualizations for the week.

This week in real estate saw housing inventory remain tight, increasing number of home owners opt to rent:

Article on housing inventory across the USA stays scarce - below 2022 levels. This is keeping housing sales higher through to the end of 2023. From Mike Simonsen.

housing inventory October 2023 scarce usa

Accidental Landlords are on the rise. Interesting article from Jay Parsons on how people are renting out their houses at increasing rates - instead of selling.

accidental landlords on the rise housing rentals

Erin Davis did a straightforward visual on moving patterns.

usa residents migration moving pattern map

Milos does amazing data visualization maps. This map shows the forested areas of the US.

forrest cover map usa data visualization milos

Terence produced a beautiful map on the East-West highways in the USA.

usa highways east west visualization map

- Stew Langille