Stop losing money every month

LoanSnap goes beyond rates to get you the best refinance or mortgage

Why LoanSnap?

Most people don’t realize they are losing money to high interest rates on their credit cards and loans. With a smart loan, you get a complete view of your finances so you can stop losing money and start putting money in your wallet today

We go beyond interest rates

Other lenders could be costing you money by only focusing on interest rates. We give you a clear view of all your options and show you how to put more money in your wallet.

Get up to $730 in extra cash per month by paying off credit cards!

Get cash by tapping into your home’s equity!
Get up to $766 per month by lowering your loan payment!

*Examples only. Your options may vary.

30 Year Fixed/4.500%

20 Year Fixed/4.375%

15 Year Fixed/3.875%

10/1 Adjustable/4.250%

7/1 Adjustable/4.125%

5/1 Adjustable/4.125%

How it works

Answer a few questions

LoanSnap’s pre-approval includes a few simple questions and we provide a clear view of your options right away

See your options

We’ll show you how you can stop losing money every month and get the best loan for your needs

Talk to an expert

We’ll call you to talk through your options and guide you every step of the way

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