Real Estate Data Visualizations of the Week - Oct 16

Our favorite real estate charts and data visualizations for the week.

This week we saw new data for housing activity and the bifurcation of the housing market. Here are our favorite charts and data visualizations regarding real estate:

The bifurcation of the housing market. A fantastic interactive map from  Lance Lambert.

Bifurcation of usa housing market

Housing Inventory Quickly Building. A great new report on the health of the market by the folks at Altos Research.

housing inventory in usa october 19 2023

The Atlanta Alarm? Large SFR operators own up to 1/10 homes in Atlanta - national average is 0.7%. Created by Parcl Labs.

percentage of single family homes in atlanta owned by 1000+ operators

The cost of owning Vs renting a home? Interesting approach by Odeta Kushi.

Cost of owning vs renting a home with appreciation

Daily consumer spend tracker, with Chase card data. Created by Parker Ross.

daily consumer spend tracking october 2023 chase bank card data

Roads of Great Britain! ll roads from highways down to dirt tracks. Stunning visualization from Python Maps.

united kingdom map roads data visualization

- Stew Langille

- @slangille