Our Favorite Data Visualizations for the Week - Dec 11

Rising Housing Prices, Corporate Sellers, Fed's Dual Mandate, Migration Visual.

The always data driven Mike Simonsen smartly brings the facts to show how home prices are actually up 2-3% nationally in 2023 after falling in 2H 2022. 

home prices December 13 2023

Parcl Labs highlights the pressure corporate home investors have been facing over the past 12 months. Price cuts have been far more common from these investors versus individual home sellers. 

corporate home price changes map 2023

Lance Lambert points to the historical trends of federal reserve interest rate policy and the risk of recession. While neither trends is guaranteed for 2024 - it does point to one possible outcome . 

dual mandate fed reserve

Map Scraping created a beautiful video map of birds migration pattern from France through Spain. 

migration data visualization birds