Favorite Data Visualizations of the Week of Jan 1 - Real Estate

Here are our favorite data visualizations from this week and over the holidays. Thank you to all the amazing creators.

The talented Mike Simonsen clearly explains new data on the national housing sales and inventory situation. 2024 is starting off with a bang - the numbers look positive and point to an active market this year. 

housing inventory and sales January 4 2024

Ali Wolf at Zonda shows results of a new home builder survey where only 12% of homebuilders noted traffic slower than seasonally expected in December - Good News!

homebuilder traffic january 2024

Odeta Kushi shares new home construction jobs data. It points to a tight labor market and strong demand to build homes into 2024.

jots construction jobs data january 2024

The always insightful Jay Parsons shares new data on the US home rental market. Demand continues to be strong as rent prices drop and people have incentives to make a move. 

us home rental market january 2024

Thank you to everyone!