Favorite Data Visualizations in Real Estate - Week of November 27

Peaking housing inventory, rental pricing trends, beautiful map.

This week we discover peaking housing inventory, along with rental pricing trends: 

Mike Simonsen artfully shares new data on national housing sales in the United States:

Inventory has (finally!) peaked for the year, down by 0.7% from last week. At 566,000 there’s 0.5% more homes on the market now than last year at this time. 

housing inventory november 27 2023

Metro city areas with high concentrationsof corporate home buyers are proving to be much more efficient markets - with rental prices quickly changing as market conditions change. This means buyers and renters need to know their neighbors to better predict future prices. Great story from Jason Lewis and Parcll Labs.

Metro city areas high concentrations of corporate home buyers

Jay Parsons compares rental site data to illustrate how rents are now contracting across the country. Good news for renters looking to make a move. 

rent prices trends in usa november 2023

Mark Zandi lays out the data on why and how American consumers are staying strong despite challenging economic conditions. Their net worth is still higher than before the pandemic. 

Americans net worth is still higher than before the pandemic 2019 - 2023

The creative Milos created a new map of Iberia using elevation and river data. The color of each river shows which basin it flows into and the width of each river reflects its size.

iberia rivers

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