Fav Real Estate Data Visualizations of the Week - Feb 1

New trends in 2024 Real Estate reveal themselves over the past week.

The always data driven Mike Simonsen shares how the total number of single family homes with sales contracts pending is 5% more than last year at this time. Home sales are climbing.

usa housing sales Feb 1 2024

The folks at Parcl Labs tell us how New Construction did very well vs Existing Home Sales. 2023 was a big year for home builders. For the first time since 2013, new construction outpaced existing home sale appreciation

new construction vs existing usa home sales feb 2024

We are not seeing any evidence of baby boomers in the US selling their homes into retirement. In regions where demographics are older - Midwest and New England - we are seeing some of the tightest housing markets. Overall inventory is substantially below where we were in 2019. Thank you to NewsLambert for the analysis and map. 

usa housing inventory feb 2024 vs 2019

Amy Nixon shares how the $100K annual salary level is the new threshold for positive consumer sentiment in the USA. This could be a factor to who is buying homes in 2024. 

$100K income consumer sentiment usa

Odeta Kushi give us hope that housing affordability can improve up to 8% this year; however, affordability would remain more than 35% worse than in February 2022. 

housing affordability 2024 usa