Allan Carroll

Cofounder, CTO

Allan Carroll is a serial entrepreneur and engineer who wrote his first professional code for a local mortgage company over 20 years ago. Allan holds an M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Washington, where he researched compiler algorithms for ultra-parallel architectures. Since, he has started FamilyLink (acquired by Ancestry), Piick (acquired by Fundly), Hangtime, and now, LoanSnap. His companies and technology have scaled to serve tens of millions of people. Allan has also worked with Microsoft Research, helped build MemSQL’s cloud database offering, and advised numerous companies on scaling their software and engineering teams, such as VidAngel, VCare, Amplitude, and Time, Inc. Throughout his career, Allan has focused on joining diverse groups of people and new technologies to create cohesive and scalable software. His true passion lies in building solutions that can enhance people’s lives.

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