Lead Mobile Engineer

You love to build and try out new ideas quickly. Creating a prototype is your idea of fun and, at the same time, a line three pixels out of place on a final product makes you cringe. You have built, shipped, and iterated on mobile applications on both Android and iOS.

We are a small, smart, and fun team backed by top VC firms. Our two founders, Karl Jacob and Allan Carroll, are serial entrepreneurs whose companies have helped millions of consumers from protecting them from spam to communicating with family members. Karl has raised 23 rounds of financing, created 6 companies from scratch and built products and companies that impact 10s of millions of people. Now we are helping consumers with the largest financial transaction of their lives, buying or refinancing a house and making the process fast, easy and fair.

Your job will be to work with our product and engineering team to create lightning-fast, usable, and delightful hybrid mobile applications for our customers. Success will be measured by how efficiently you can engineer reliable, performant, and maintainable applications that can grow with our company.

You're good at:\

  • Prototyping, building, and testing mobile products\
  • Working efficiently with back-end engineers\
  • Building fast and stable apps that people love to use

    Extra Credit:\
  • You have built products used by thousands of customers\
  • You have a passion for something outside the office\
  • You have contributed to open source projects

    Our Stack:\
  • React / Redux / CSS-in-JS\
  • React Native\
  • Swift\
  • Java/Kotlin\
  • GraphQL\
  • Fastlane

Apply on our AngelList page here.