Engineering Manager

You are a technologist who loves to see people succeed. You've managed people before and have opinions about how to build a great team. You can be hands-on as needed, but you also understand that your output is amplified best by enabling your team. You can arrive at performant, scalable, and quality solutions by coaching your team (And you care deeply about that outcome).

We are a small, smart, and fun team backed by top VC firms. Our two founders, Karl Jacob and Allan Carroll, are serial entrepreneurs whose companies have helped millions of consumers from protecting them from spam to communicating with family members. Karl has raised 23 rounds of financing, created 6 companies from scratch and built products and companies that impact 10s of millions of people. Now we are building products to break apart the old mortgage system and help consumers with the largest financial transaction of their lives.

Your job will be to build and manage a team of 3-6 engineers. You will have primary technical ownership over a section of our application which could include:

  • Pricing engine for mortgage loans optimizing across multiple variables
  • 1k+ nodes DAG containing the brain of the organization and running in milliseconds
  • 30+ external data integrations and how they interact with our human processes

You're good at:

  • Understanding & architecting complex code bases and business logic
  • Sourcing and hiring top talent
  • Developing processes that optimize for output, quality, and personal development
  • Supporting employees with proper training, feedback, and empathy

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