Lorne Lahodny is a mortgage industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in building and scaling lending companies. Lorne began his mortgage experience by becoming a successful Loan Originator, a role in which he developed expertise in marketing and business development. He went on to build Secured Funding, a pioneer in the digital lending space and one of the industry’s largest mortgage finance companies. Lorne scaled the company to over a $100 million valuation, with over 3,000 funded loans per month, and a team of over 1000. Lorne’s later career focused on creating a new mortgage firm that could provide smart counsel, great loan products and an amazing consumer experience. DLJ Financial, Inc., the culmination of that vision, has been recognized as a lender of choice by borrowers and partners. From mortgage to escrow, Lorne’s 20+ years of experience in creating, building and managing mortgage businesses has helped grow multiple technology-focused companies with total valuations over $100 million.

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